Santhosh Janardanan's Post

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Many people still believe that the so called dangerous situation in Mullapperiyar dam is just a hype created by Kerala government and Keralites. I hope this article will atleast show some shocking scenes from the ground zero. Mullaperiyar dam is one of the oldest of its kind in South India. It was built before 110 years using some jurassic technologies, which the builder himself tells the ‘estimated’ life of dam is 50 years. The dam breach is 60 years over due now!.......... Continue Reading


Namaskar said...

There was a good debate about the issue in Kaalidasan's blog.

In that post blogger vadavosky said: "I know the factual and legal aspects of the case thoroughly. I was the lawyer appeared for Mullaperiyar Environmental Protection Forum in the first case."

If vadavosky is not involved in this movement so far, I feel that we should bring him into the forefront.